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FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective is a co-operative jewellers gallery in the historic waterfront precinct of Salamanca, Hobart, Tasmania. Located within the alcoves of Salamanca Arts Centre, the gallery was first established in 2002 in Kelly's Lane.


The gallery is staffed and run by its members. Since its inception, the gallery has operated continuously - offering opportunities for new and established artists to promote themselves to locals and tourists alike, within the well known Salamanca Arts Centre precinct. Some of the founding members are still an active part of the co-operative today.

The collective has been much more than just a sales space for its many members - it has been a place of collaboration, cooperation, learning
and support. In addition to our gallery and sales space, FIND Collective
members are dedicated to community involvement.

In 2012, we established a Mentorship Program for emerging contemporary jewellers, which has now been replaced by the continuing Emerging Jewellers Program. This program offers the opportunity to emerging jewellers to sell from our shop rent-free for two months. In 2014 we held a successful Youth Jewellery Prize - to encourage artistic development in young Tasmanians, and to promote the craft of jewellery making to the wider community.

2018–2019 we ran the Student Bursary, a $500 bursary for jewellery students to encourage them to continue on with the craft. Co-funded by Arts Tasmania,The FIND Collective Emerging Jewellers Bursary, a $1000 bursary for early career jewellers has been run 2018–2020. 


Thank you for supporting an artist run initiative! We look forward to seeing you in FIND soon.


20th Anniversary Exhibition 2022
Watch the opening speech by Lucinda Sharp (of Forty South Publishing) to hear more about the history of FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective.

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