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Emily Eliza Arlotte

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Emily finds beauty in the small and often unnoticed aspects of life, and has a habit of making collections of small curiosities. These qualities can be found in her jewellery design. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted by Emily, in her studio in the Salamanca Arts Centre, and incorporates precious metals, stones, natural objects and elements such as bones and butterfly wings, all ethically sourced. From her design process and all the way to packaging, Emily’s work is as environmentally friendly as possible. Emily aims to create jewellery that will fascinate, be cherished by its owner, and passed down for generations.

Emily Eliza Arlotte- Goddess ThreadsSw
Emily Eliza Arlotte
Celestial Brass Earrings
Tasmanian Jade + Recycled Sterling Silver Ring
EmilyElizaArlotte-GoddessStudsWhite 2
Emily Eliza Arlotte
Celestial Earrings
Feather Earrings
Pyrite Choker
Feather Earrings
Kyanite Collar
Luna Necklace
Gold Luna Necklace
Prescience Ring
The Venus Hoops.
Pyrite Prescience Ring
Feather Earrings
Galaxy Ring