Karin Beaumont - Oceanides

Oceanides jewellery was born from Karin’s fascination with microscopic shapes and forms from the sea. Magnified 10,000 times or more, and with a hint of artistic license, these designs are hand-crafted into wearable treasures that embody stories from the ocean.


Karin Beaumont is a marine biologist, an Antarctic voyage leader, tour guide, and metalsmith passionate about making objects that are meaningful as well as beautiful.

Aluma Cuff Narrow Red
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Aluma Cuff Wide Turquoise
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Aluma Cuff Wide Black
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Aluma Cuff Wide Turquoise

$198 – Anodised aluminium (6 x 4 x 5 cm) The delicate pattern pressed into the surface of this bracelet is the porous surface of a minute plant, Dactyliosolen antarcticus, that floats in the oceans surrounding Antarctica. Little-known, it plays an essential role in regulating the world's climate. Care instructions: Fitting instructions provided, can be adjusted (once-off) to your wrist. Fits most wrist sizes with exception of very wide wrists.