Gingko Pendant - Anna M Williams

Gingko Pendant - Anna M Williams


Sterling and Fine Silver


The Gingko is a very much revered tree, having been a symbol of hope, love, peace, harmony and longevity in many cultures for generations.

The Ginkgo is the only living member of a family of trees going back 270 million years, and an individual tree can grow for up to 4,000 years.

I love how the leaf seems fragile but also very resilient. To reflect the texture of the bark of the tree I have used fine silver to enhance the top of the leaf.


Dimensions -

60cms chain, pendant is 5.5cm high and 4.3cm wide

The length of the chain can be altered on request.


Care -

Silver polishing cloths or Silvo (or similar) polishing liquid are perfect for polishing the necklace and pendant.