'White and Gold' Whimsy Bracelet- Megan Dickens

'White and Gold' Whimsy Bracelet- Megan Dickens


Sterling silver, 23 ct yellow gold Keum-boo, 18 ct yellow gold, rutilated quartz.


"My work has always been about moments of discovery that are possible every time I sit at the bench. I am drawn to pattern, texture, colour, positive and negative space, perfect and imperfect. The juxtaposition of placing conflicting elements together – harmony created.


The brooches and coloured earrings in this exhibition are a celebration of overlaying textures and shapes, the perfection and luminosity of pearls, gold, and fun with colour.The use of multiple textures and techniques in the bracelets are an adventure to make but still trying to find some restraint so all the elements are in harmony together. Gemstones and keum boo technique provide the richness and earthiness of gold.


Texture and surface techniques are the impetus for the white collection earrings. An exploration in creating positive and negative spaces, the white pearls reflecting the same in the silver, highlighting the textured elements."