Anna M Williams

Unique Tasmanian Contemporary Jewellery

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Anna is a Tasmanian designer/jeweller based in central Hobart and Bruny Island.  She happily uses influences from city life as well as from the seductive and subtle beauty of the bush and beach on Bruny. Her work draws on the infinite possibilities in both of these worlds, and she does this using a wide range of materials and techniques.  This all-encompassing approach means her designs are always very diverse and surprising.  Her trademark though is her exquisite, award-winning ginkgo pendants - made from an individual leaf from a Tasmanian gingko tree.

Mintabie Opal Doublet
40 Spotted Pardalote Earrings
Sparkly round earrings
Oval patina earrings with petal
Quoll earrings
Chiton Ring
Gingko pendant
Textured convex earrings
Shiny convex earrings
Matte convex earrings
Nesting moon necklace
Orange-bellied parrot earrings
Floral foldover necklace
Kyanite necklace
Yin Yang earrings
Snowflake earrings
Lace coral studs
Lace coral teardrop earrings
Lace coral earrings
Lace Coral pendant
Venus shell studs
Venus shell necklace
Swirl earrings
Convex circle drop earrings
Pearl and sterling silver bangle
Overlap ring
Unisex bracelet
Coil bangle
Copper and sterling silver coil studs
Cinnabar earrings