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Lauren Harris

Lauren Harris

Gold and silversmith

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I started my jewellery apprenticeship in 1992 aged 17.  I was very fortunate to be taught the art of making fine jewellery by hand using age-old techniques. This has enabled me to create strong durable jewellery that is original, practical and very comfortable to wear. My jewellery making style continues to evolve as I study and explore a combination of ancient and modern techniques as well as using my own improvisations and the many inspirations I am surrounded by.


In 2001 I went out on my own to fulfil my dream of running a jewellery business, working odd jobs here and there to support my new profession. I have exhibited in many art shows and gallery exhibitions and had the chance to work with many very talented artists. My family, friends and clients have been a wealth of support and encouragement throughout.


Having lived by the sea for most of my life, the ocean is definitely one of my biggest inspirations which comes through in my designs, colours and materials I use in my work. I’ve lived in some beautiful coastal locations. I have recently moved with my family from Victoria to an acreage in Tasmania where we have lots of room to move and the most beautiful view across to an Isthmus dividing the bay and the ocean. 


I prefer to use Australian Gems especially the Killiecrankie Diamond. I also specialise in New Zealand’s exquisite Blue Pearl.  The rare and unusual are my passion! To know a gems origin and possibly a story about them is something I enjoy passing onto my clients. I use precious metals most of which have been recycled.


I like to think of my work eventually becoming antiques and family heirlooms. I’m confident that with a little care, my jewellery will stand the test of time. I consider myself an artist as much as I do a jeweller and I hope people get as much enjoyment out of my jewellery as I do in its creation.


I am proud to be a member of the Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia. Fellow #142

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