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Megan Dickens

Contemporary Jewellery - Designer & Maker

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Having spent over 25 years living by the sea, Megan finds it a boundless source of inspiration for design - providing elements of pattern, texture, colour, mood and material: but the rationale for her work is far more about the process.

It is always exciting taking an idea and watch it transform.  The process of creation always provides surprises, often the original idea will transform into something unexpected, or provide the inspiration for other pieces. It is a dynamic and boundless process that is enormously satisfying: to gradually develop a range of skills that enables the transformation of ideas.


The design and fabrication of all pieces are in fact all journeys of discovery which end with a sense of achievement and anticipation about starting the next piece of work.

Blue earrings
Sterling silver bangles with brass
Fagus necklace and earrings
Blue studs
Pearl and silver earrings and necklace
Enamel studs
Pearl and silver necklace
Green articulated earrings
Sea urchin pendants
Brass/silver drop earrings
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