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To keep your jewellery looking good follow these simple guidelines …

  •  Store each piece of jewellery separately in a soft cloth bag or pouch away from other jewellery, to avoid the risk of scratching and to prevent oxidation (blackening).

  •  Remove jewellery before sleeping, exercising, gardening or other heavy-duty activities to avoid unintentional damage and loss. 

  • Remove jewellery when bathing, showering and swimming as soaps, shampoos, chlorine and saltwater may harm your jewellery. Rose gold and pearls are more susceptible to salt water and chlorine damage.

  •  Avoid contact with perfumes, creams, cosmetics and hairsprays as well as any other chemicals or acid-based products such as vinegar and lemon juice. Pearls may absorb oils and acids more readily so should be cleaned after wear.

  •  Treat delicate and hollow items with extra care as they may be damaged under impact or pressure.


  • Avoid using any harsh Jewellery cleaning solutions or polishing compounds, as these may damage the surface of the metal and may loosen stone settings. These products may also damage delicate gemstones such as crystals, pearls, opals, turquoise, and amber.

  •  To clean jewellery first try using a tissue or soft polishing cloth to wipe away any grease or marks and light tarnish.


  •  If a more thorough clean is needed dip the jewellery in warm (not hot) water with a dash of dishwashing detergent added – leave for a few minutes to soften the dirt. Wipe with a soft cloth - a dampened cotton bud may be used to wipe grime from behind gemstone settings.

Dry using a clean, soft cloth. Do not clean pearls using this method.


  • If the jewellery has a satin or textured surface, follow the care instructions supplied by the maker. Using a polishing cloth may remove some of the detail from the surface.


  • If the jewellery includes materials such as wood, resin, plastics, titanium, and/or finishes such as patina, oxidizing, and wax coatings please also follow the care instructions supplied by the maker.


If you have any other concerns about caring for your jewellery please contact the maker directly.


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