Cate Lowry

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Although Cate’s art major at UTas was in ceramics, she has also worked with hot and cold glass, painting and drawing, while at the same time pursuing a career in publishing. As with clay, she enjoys the malleable qualities of silver: moulding and forming by hand, tools and fire to transform a seemingly inert material into wearable works of art is intensely satisfying.


Cate’s designs are inspired by her surroundings: leaves, flowers, or weeds growing through a garden gate; and her interest in using nature's own gifts of pearls, precious and semi-precious stones adds another dimension to the adventure.

Cate Lowry - Open leaf shape earrings
Cate Lowry -  Tri-metal leaf earrings
Ring and disk earrings (copper)
Ring and disk earrings (brass)
Ring and disk earrings (silver)
Sail earrings
Elegant loop earrings (shiny)
Elegant loop earrings (matte)
Lily earrings
Lightning earrings
Daisy earrings
Three daisies necklace
Large oval earrings
Ovals neckpiece
Japanese inspired necklace and earrings
Spiral flower earrings
Spiral flower necklace
Open leaf-shape necklace
Circles single-drop earrings
Circles double-drop earrings
Circles bracelet
Circles necklace
Carnelian and citrine necklace
Gumleaf pendant
Gumleaf brooch/pendant
Squiggle cufflink