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Jacqui Renton

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With a passion for designing and creating and an eclectic mix of interests, Jacqui has experimented with various creative techniques and materials over the years including wood, fabric, paints & pencils, metal and stone. 


Jacqui had been woodturning for some years before studying jewellery, so it was no surprise that she began to combine timber with sterling silver to create her unique pieces of jewellery. Using predominantly Tasmanian species, the different timbers create a diverse palette of colours and textures to draw inspiration from. 


With the old adage in mind “Variety is the Spice of Life”, Jacqui will continue to design and create, with inspiration coming from playing with shape and texture, experimenting with new materials and techniques and the simple desire to try something new and make something unique.

Jacqui Renton - Boulder Neckpiece
Jacqui Renton - Expression Rings
Jacqui Renton - Orchid Neckpiece
Jacqui Renton - Feather Brooch
Jacqui Renton - Floral Neckpiece
Jacqui Renton - Hands
Jacqui Renton - Rings
Jacqui Renton - Wood Veneer Set
Jacqui Renton - Hands
Jacqui Renton - Wood and Silver Necklaces
Jacqui Renton - Wood Veneer Ring
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