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Cate Lowry




Coober Pedy black opal doublet, set in 9 ct gold, with detail made by casting molten metal into Allocasuarina branchlets



In 2008 I thought I was still a potter, just dabbling in silversmithing while cruising the east coast of Australia, until I visited The Art of Silver and was invited to join. That day changed the course of my creative endeavours and I am very proud to still be part of FIND in its 20th year.
I strive to make simple, elegant pieces of jewellery, where the setting enhances, rather than overwhelms, the gemstone it frames. My favourite is Australia’s national gemstone, the Opal, featured in three of my pieces in this exhibition.
Sometimes I like to add a little something, a secret for the wearer to know about, to share if they want to, or not. Hand-pierced gum-leaves have become my signature design on the backs of stone-set earrings and pendants. This hand-piercing habit has inspired me to design a group of three Tasmanian ‘Flora’ pendants, where the pierced design is the focus, rather than a gemstone.

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