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Emily Eliza Arlotte


'Odyssey Diadem'


Sterling silver, tourmalated quartz, black spinel



The Odyssey Diadem is a vehicle, reminiscent of a spaceship, to be commandeered on a quest of exploration and curiosity. As an artifact, when worn it arouses the imagination and allows us to leave our terrestrial home and voyage through the outer edges of space and time, only to return with a deeper understanding of our human potential and limitations.

I was welcomed into The Art of Silver (now FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective) as an emerging jeweller in 2011. FIND Collective has not only been a retail and gallery space for me to showcase my work but an incredibly supportive space for me to explore and refine my techniques and concepts as a silversmith. The jewellers past and present have not only been my mentors, but also lifelong friends with a shared passion for jewellery.

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