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Jacqui Renton


'Orchid Neckpiece'


Copper, sterling silver, coloured pencil, matt varnish



One of the highlights since joining FIND in April 2021 has been the bonus of working alongside a diverse group of talented and supportive individuals. The opportunity has inspired me to push my creative boundaries and venture outside my comfort zone.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. This latest body of work was inspired by the relaxing and meditative process of watercolour and doodling. I had been experimenting with watercolour and enjoying the unpredictable nature of this medium. Sketching over the top of the watercolours added an extra layer of calm.

Around the same time that I was experimenting with the watercolours I had also begun to explore a jewellery technique that was new to me. Coloured pencil is a wonderful way to add colour to metal. By slowly building up layers of colour and texture the possibilities are endless.

In this mini collection I have coloured copper, silver and brass, added wire swirls and created mini sketches of stylised florals, feathers and trees.

Watercolour, sketching and doodling has provided me with serenity and creative energy in equal measure. From this creative mediative process, I have taken these mini sketches and doodles and given them form as pieces of wearable art.

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