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Jan Barker


'Ebb and Flow'


Sterling and Fine Silver construction, Cloisonne enamel on fine silver, Iolite Gemstone



Originally from Sydney where I studied painting and sculpture, I began exploring jewellery making as a creative outlet that was separate from my art teaching career. A holiday in Tasmania changed everything.

Captivated by the beautiful scenery and the warm, friendly people I decided on a ‘tree change’ and relocated to pursue my growing addiction to jewellery making.

My designs are inspired by the textures, colours and forms found in the natural environment of the island of Tasmania. This enamel design was inspired by the seas that surround us – the motion of the tides and the forms of life underwater, while the gemstone represents the island, a place rich in nature’s treasures.

For me, joining FIND Jewellery Collective has meant collaborating with a group of similarly passionate jewellers, learning from each other and supporting everyone’s endeavours.

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