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Lauren Harris


'Skull Pendant'


Flinders Island Killiecrankie diamonds/topaz, 18 ct yellow gold, sterling silver, resin



This piece started to evolve about 4 years ago. A really special piece I wanted to think carefully about and not rush. I had made components and scrawled ideas on paper. It was the FIND and also my own business 20th anniversary that I managed to dedicate time and the right headspace to complete this piece. This is a piece that will form its own stories though the eyes of its viewers. I cannot explain what it means to me, but I have formed a deep connection and I will be keeping this pendant in my own collection for now.

Materials include Killiecrankie Diamonds/Topaz from Flinders Island, Tasmania. Just over 12cts total, 18ct Yellow Gold balls and outer settings of the stones, 18ct Yellow Gold & Silver Bi Metal Crescent, Sterling Silver, Resin.

Techniques include Repousse & Chased Skull & Crescent which are resin filled, tool marks, texturing, oxidising, metal edge surrounding skull mount is individually hand beaded, bezel setting and grain setting.

Having moved to Tasmania in 2011 I wasn’t sure which direction my jewellery would take. I came from a workshop in gallery background and then worked in galleries that supplied my work. I loved the customer interaction and working alongside fellow artists and their works.

I had first heard of The Art of Silver not long after arriving in TAS and thought the sound of a Jewellery Collective was amazing however the timing wasn’t right for me. Over the years I met a couple more members of that Collective which had the new name of FIND. It took a few more years but FIND was still a temptation and after finally taking a leap and applying for an interview I was warmly welcomed as a new member in November 2018, and it has been an absolutely amazing step in my career! I feel honoured to be amongst 10 very talented artists! They are inspiring and I have learnt so much about what goes into running a retail space. The shop is a pleasure to be in!

I’m feel so fortunate to be part of FINDs 20th Anniversary Exhibition. This is a very special time for me too as I am also celebrating my own business’ 20th anniversary!

I was apprenticeship trained from 1993, going out on my own in 2001 to expand my creativity and independence as a gold and silversmith. The last decade in Tassie has seen my work really evolve to the style it is today. Combining old and new techniques with studies of geological formations, antiquities and our breath-taking scenery playing a big part in my inspiration whilst continuing with my addiction to creating around beautiful gemstones.

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