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Melly Frank


'Sunrise Necklace'


Sterling silver, garnet



Melly Frank is a jeweller and sculptor based in Hobart, Tasmania.
The regular practice of meditation has taught Melly that change is the only constant one can rely on in life. If we can learn to embrace change instead of resisting it, we can better adapt to altered circumstances and begin to view change as an opportunity rather than an adversity.
With the knowledge that meditation practice has had such a positive impact on her life, Melly is compelled to create work that is inspired by the practice, creating jewellery and sculptures that have an element of change or that can be interacted with in certain ways.
Most of Melly’s sculptures have been made to a small scale so they have the ability to relate to jewellery as she firmly believes that jewellery should be enjoyed just as much when it is not being worn.
Melly’s ultimate hope is that when you observe or interact with her work, you may stop and take a moment out of your day and perhaps experience a sense of calm.

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