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Sophie Carnell

Designer & Maker

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The objects Sophie creates are inspired by ideas of connection to landscape and place - from investigating rockpools and combing the shoreline to gazing upwards at the vastness of the starry sky.


Sophie explores and distills the patterns, forms and textures from the natural environment, and translates them into works using silver and a variety of other materials, both natural and synthetic; creating small tokens that carry an essence of this beautiful land we live in.

'Underwater' Bangles
'Splash' earrings
'Ponder pool' earrings
'Rockpool Ripple' necklace
'Pool' necklace
'Ocean Horizon' earrings
Moonset earrings
'Pebble' rings
Bruny Shore necklaces
'World keeps turning' earrings
Infinity Bangles
Tessellation necklace
Buttongrass earrings
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