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Student Bursary


Are you starting out in jewellery design and manufacture?


At FIND, we know just how tough it can be. 


Since 2018, we have offered a $500 bursary to one outstanding student or emerging jeweller.

Why are we doing this and what is it?

Getting started in jewellery design, manufacture and retail can be an expensive process, so FIND has decided to offer a $500 Bursary to an outstanding emerging jeweller who has trained either in the LINC or TAFE course in Southern Tasmania in the current year. The Bursary will be awarded in November 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Who is eligible?

People who have had any level of participation in either TAFE or LINC formal jewellery studies in Southern Tasmania in the current year. Persons with substantial industry experience will be asked to consider that the purpose of the Bursary is to encourage new entrants to the industry and thus exempt themselves from consideration for the Bursary. Previous winners of the FIND Student Bursary are not eligible to apply.


What are the assessment criteria?

  • Innovation in design and technique

  • Technical quality 


What type of work will be considered?          

The scope of works to be considered are those within FIND's wearable arts policy, which is:


“Art or design based jewellery that is produced in the here and now, that references the body, and that is a vehicle through which the maker expresses their ideas about themselves, their art form, and the time in which they live. It provides a language for expression of individuality – for the artist and the wearer."


A few distinctive characteristics of contemporary jewellery:

  • Individuality

  • Conceptual/enquiry/research

  • Can explore materiality

  • Can explore technique

  • Can question wearability

  • Can follow a narrative 

  • Jewellery is a wearable work of art/sculpture and can be appreciated off the body and as a stand-alone object too


*NB: 3D Printed works will be considered.


How will the recipient be chosen?    

There will be a two step process:


  1. If students wish to be considered for the Bursary, they will be asked to supply digital images of three to five pieces of jewellery. Each image or group of images is to be accompanied by a very brief statement about the piece. Artists' statements are not required. Submissions are to be emailed to or delivered to FIND Collective in the Salamanca Arts Centre, 77 Salamanca Place.
    Submission dates for 2020 will be announced mid year.


  2. Two members of FIND, along with an external assessor will decide on the successful applicant for the Bursary.



How and when will the Bursary be awarded?

It is expected that the granting of the Bursary and announcement of the successful applicant will be made in mid to late November. The successful applicant will be contacted via email. Various media will be used to publicise the award and the award recipient.

FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective Bursary winners 2018

2018 - FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective Bursary winner Bella Dower, and Student Bursary winner Kirsty Sharp, with SAC CEO Joe Bugden.

FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective Bursary winners 2019

2019 - Student Bursary winner Ruby Morris and FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective Bursary winner Sam Dennis, with The Hon Elise Archer MP.

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