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Emily Eliza Arlotte - Jeweller Profile

Emily Eliza's journey to becoming a contemporary jewellery artist is a testament to the unpredictable and beautiful ways life unfolds and can lead us towards our calling. Born in Tasmania in 1988, her early years were a blend of Tasmania's serene landscapes, Queensland's vibrant atmosphere, and travelling the East Coast of Australia. Amidst these experiences, Emily's affinity for collecting oddities and curiosities flourished, a fascination that she artfully channels into her jewellery designs today.

As a young adult, Emily spent time exploring and enjoying the freedom of travel, while also participating in short design courses. Upon returning to her hometown of nipaluna/Hobart in 2009, Emily pursued a formal education in jewellery design at Tafe Tasmania. Here, she found an artistic pursuit that perfectly suited her attention for detail, innate patience, and her ability to weave meaning and narratives through her work. Beyond the craft itself, Emily discovered a community of fellow artists and craftspeople that continue to inspire and uplift her to this day.

Emily did not know that she would become a full-time self-employed artist, or that it was even possible. But over the years through persistence, trial, and error, she navigated the challenges of running a business and embraced the uncertainties that come with a creative career. The freedom of being self-employed resonated deeply with Emily, offering her control over her time, environment, and creative process. This independence, though challenging at times, allowed her to create her own dream career and life path.

From crafting pieces in her bedroom to enjoying various shared and solo studios, even creating from the cosy confines of a campervan, Emily's artistic journey continued regardless of her location or circumstances. Local craft markets became her launchpad, where she introduced her creations to the world. In 2011, her artistic journey intersected with FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective, marking a pivotal juncture in her growth. As Emily’s creative practice developed, her passion for learning and her understanding of the potential of materials led her to begin a Fine Art and Design degree at the University of Tasmania, and a residency at Salamanca Arts Centre. It was in 2015 that Emily took the leap to be a full-time artist and jeweller, sustaining herself through the sale of her work.

Emily's eclectic and esoteric tastes—spanning from nature to philosophy, the occult and the scientific—infuse her jewellery with depth, nuance, and a touch of magic. Through a philosophy of slow-making and a devotion to mindful creation, her pieces are born of conceptual exploration and material experimentation, reflecting her fascination with minerals and gemstones and the meanings and stories they hold and imbue. Emily’s work encompasses not only precious metals and stones but also elements like bones and butterfly wings, always with a consideration of the origins, ethics, and sustainability of the materials.

In 2023, Emily embarked on a new joint studio residency at Salamanca Arts Centre with her partner and fellow artist, Jamin Kluss. This joint endeavour fulfills a shared dream and heralds an exciting new chapter where their creative energies can intertwine and inspire. Throughout this year, Emily has focused on creating special bespoke pieces, and has enjoyed the romance, excitement and love that surround these commissions. Emily is currently enjoying exploring themes of light, shadow, and the enigmatic spaces in-between, and looks forward to sharing the collection of new work that evolves from this.

Emily's creative career has been marked by exhibitions in Tasmanian galleries, appearances at music festivals and design markets, and the presence of her jewellery in local Tasmanian boutiques including the MONA Museum Shop, The Spotted Quoll Studio, Spacebar Gallery and FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective - which showcases the largest collection of her work.

As Emily continues her exploration of the intangible realms – that dappled interplay between light and shadows – we eagerly await the stories her jewellery will tell…narratives woven from passion, persistence, and dedication to craft.


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