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Jacqui Renton - Jeweller Profile

As a designer/maker, Jacqui finds inspiration for creativity can come from anywhere. Form, texture and colour can be inspired by nature, materials, techniques or dreams.

Before studying the art of jewellery making, Jacqui had been exploring timber and enjoying the mesmerising craft of woodturning. It was therefore inevitable that Jacqui would choose to use timber in her jewellery designs.

Jacqui's signature style takes its design inspiration from plywood. Using beautiful Tasmanian timber veneers and laminating with sterling silver to create unique and striking statement pieces in rings, cufflinks and pendants.

Jacqui's most recent body of work was inspired by the relaxing and meditative process of

watercolour and doodling. Around the time that she was experimenting with the watercolours

Jacqui had also begun to explore a jewellery technique that was new to her. Coloured pencil is a wonderful way to add colour to metal. By slowly building up layers of colour and texture the possibilities are endless.

The lines and forms that come from doodling are also starting to take shape in the form of brass and silver neckpieces.

Jacqui has said that one of the highlights of joining FIND in April 2021 was the bonus of working alongside a diverse group of talented and supportive individuals. The opportunity inspired Jacqui to push her creative boundaries and venture outside her comfort zone. Jacqui intends to continue exploring, experimenting and diving into the unknown.


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