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Jan Barker - Jeweller Profile

Jan Barker, an artist with a background in painting and sculpture, discovered the perfect medium for her creative expression through the art of jewellery making. Crafting unique and wearable pieces of art, she seamlessly combines form, texture, and colour.

Based in Hobart, Jan finds inspiration in the natural and man-made surroundings. Shadows on a wall, new foliage, shells, patterns in bark, rockpools, windblown grasses, and the captivating colours of dusk or water reflections all influence her designs.

One of Jan's favourite techniques involves the fusion of coloured glass enamels with silver, allowing her to use colour as a means of enhancing forms or creating captivating focal points akin to miniature artworks. Her ultimate goal is to create contemporary designs that convey something deeply meaningful to the wearer, capturing the essence of their individuality and personal connection.


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