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Lauren Harris - Jeweller Profile

Lauren Harris, an Australian jewellery artist, embarked on her journey in the intricate world of jewellery craftsmanship at the age of 17 in 1992. Fortunate to receive tutelage in the age-old techniques of crafting fine jewellery by hand, she has since honed her skills to create robust, original, and comfortable pieces that stand the test of time.

Lauren at the of 17, starting her apprenticeship in 1992

With a career spanning three decades, Lauren joined the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia in 2010, proudly representing the guild by adorning her creations with hallmarks that signify the excellence of Australian-made jewellery. Her maker's mark, punched into the Touchplate and stored in a vault alongside fellow guild members' marks, adds a historical touch, echoing her admiration for antique jewellery and its enduring legacy. Lauren's dedication to quality is evident in her adherence to the British Hallmarking System for metal purity marks.

Lauren's workbench - a retro office table with a beautiful Blackwood top, reinforced with marine ply.

In 2001, Lauren took the bold step of realizing her dream to establish a jewellery business. Juggling various jobs to support her newfound profession, she has participated in numerous art shows and gallery exhibitions, collaborating with talented artists and receiving unwavering support from family, friends, and clients.

Her affinity for topaz, stemming from her November birthstone, is expressed passionately through her work, with a particular love for Australian Topaz, including the coveted Killiecrankie Diamonds from Flinders Island off the north coast of Tasmania. The natural ice blues found in some Killiecrankie Diamonds hold a special place in her heart.

Lauren's preference for Australian gems, especially the Killiecrankie Diamond, and her specialization in New Zealand's exquisite Blue Pearl reflect her passion for the rare and unusual. She takes pride in sharing the origin and stories of these gems with her clients and uses mostly recycled precious metals in her creations.

Having moved to Tasmania in 2011, Lauren found herself at a crossroads in her jewellery career. Coming from a background in workshops and galleries, she cherished customer interactions and collaboration with fellow artists. In November 2018 Lauren embraced the opportunity of joining FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective, which marked a pivotal moment in her career, providing inspiration from the talented artists and valuable insights into running a retail space.

Lauren's project involving the ancient techniques of repousse and chasing. She skillfully employs the method of hammering a sheet of metal from both the front and back to craft intricate relief and texture.

The final piece, featured in FIND Collective's 20th Anniversary Exhibition.

After spending most of her life by the sea, Lauren draws inspiration from the ocean, evident in the designs, colours, and materials she incorporates into her pieces. In the last decade, Lauren's work has undergone a transformation, influenced by geological formations, antiquities, and the breathtaking scenery of her surroundings.

As a jewellery artist, Lauren crafts each piece with meticulous care, and is confident that her jewellery will endure and bring joy to those who appreciate the artistry behind its creation, envisioning her work as future antiques and family heirlooms. As a proud member of the Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia, Lauren Harris continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of Australian jewellery.


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