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Sarah Quine-Jutzeler - Emerging Jeweller

For the months of June and July 2023, we welcome Sarah Quine-Jutzeler, the recipient of our Emerging Jewellers Program.

You can view and purchase Sarah's work instore, or check out more of her work on Instagram -

Sarah Quine-Jutzeler, a former archaeologist and museology collection manager, possesses a deep-rooted fascination with the significance of objects and their purpose. After taking time off for family and living abroad, she dedicated herself to a creative pursuit and underwent a 12-month study in jewellery design at TAS TAFE.

Sarah's artistic ethos rejects the notion of fast fashion, opting instead for a deliberate and mindful approach. She works with recycled metals and ethical stones, aiming to create meaningful and enduring pieces that transcend trends. Her creations serve multiple purposes. Some pieces convey narratives, inviting conversations about topics often avoided, such as the imminent extinction of insects and other creatures. Other works take on a talismanic quality, empowering the wearer in the face of life's chaotic and demanding nature.

Drawing inspiration from nature, history, mythology, spirituality, geology, and everyday human experiences, Sarah's artistic journey is one of continuous evolution. Her works reflect her growth as an artist, surpassing yesterday's creations and pointing toward a future of even greater imagination and innovation.


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