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Form Pendant - Karin Beaumont

Form Pendant - Karin Beaumont

PriceFrom $245.00

Sterling Silver, Copper, or Patina Copper.


This jewellery is inspired by natural shapes: boulders, plate tectonics, ice floes…, and their formation and degradation. We often think of weathering, erosion, and ageing as negative processes, but they can be beautiful and transformative.


Patina colour varies for each individual piece and may alter over time.


Form Rocks -

40 x 35 mm

Form Boats -

50 x 20 mm

Form Oval -

40 x 30 mm

Form Wiffle -

35 x 10 mm


Chain lengths 42cm, 45 cm, and 50 cm are available. Please specify the length if you have a preference when ordering.

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