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Lace Coral Necklace - Anna M Williams

Lace Coral Necklace - Anna M Williams


Sterling Silver.


Lace corals (triphyllozoon moniliferum) occur in many places around the world, and in each place, the coral forms a different kind of shape. The necklace has two unique little corals that are individually shaped to nest together to make a very feminine pendant.

The original corals came from a pretty and isolated bay on North Bruny Island.

The pendant seems a little delicate but the Sterling Silver is very strong.


To clean, half fill a small container, eg an eggcup, with vinegar, and add a half teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. When it stops bubbling, place the piece in to rest for about 2 hours, then rinse and dry. If you like, you could use an old toothbrush to rub the mixture in after soaking.

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