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Emily Duggan - Jeweller Profile

Emily's creative passion was evident from an early age and quickly gravitated towards adornment design; from crafting beaded jewellery with her grandma to sell at local markets to seeking out work experience placement with fabricating jewellers, before commencing an apprenticeship in Jewellery Manufacture in 2012. From there Emily continued to work full time on the bench for the next 9 years, constantly learning and refining her skills.

In 2021, Emily took a leap of faith and established her own jewellery business, Emmire Jewellery, marking an exciting new chapter in her career. Her design philosophy centres around finesse and flow; with curves, intertwining design and delicate detail a favourite throughout her work. A large part of her inspiration is drawn from antique jewellery, particularly from eras such Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Medieval times. Emily’s love and appreciation of these jewellery eras really transcends into the Emmire style.

With a strong connection to Tasmanian, Emily enjoys working with gemstones and designs that showcase her island home state. Nature's captivating beauty serves as a wellspring of inspiration, evident in her creations featuring landscape and flora motifs with an array of naturally occurring gemstones. In her pursuit of continuous growth, Emily completed a Gemmology Diploma with distinction and is now a certified Gemmologist.

Through her artistic journey, Emily strives to capture the essence of beauty, craftsmanship, and the wonders of the natural world in each unique piece she creates. Jewellery is such a meaningful and individual way of expressing yourself – for the maker and the wearer alike.

You can view Emily's work in FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective and also on her website and Instagram.


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