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Jane Woodward - Emerging Jeweller

We are thrilled to be currently showcasing Jane Woodward's jewellery.

Jane's work is available to purchase in-store and you can follow her journey via Instagram - @jane__jewellery

A word from Jane -

"The limitless options for creating unique jewellery pieces really excites me as an artist. Combining textures, lines and shapes allows me to be as creative as I desire when designing and executing my pieces. The extensive selections of gemstone colours, shapes and sizes also allows different elements to stand out on what I create.

I love making jewellery as it allows me to express so much, people can take and interpret from my creations what they feel, as I create my pieces with the intention that many different ideas and feelings can be taken away from them.

I love to experiment with contrast in the pieces that I create. My more recent pieces have been created with lines being one of my main detail features. I add wire and curves in my jewellery, which creates beautiful lines for the viewers eyes to follow and adds movement and flow into a still piece. Background texture is also something that adds contrast within my creations, making the high polish points of wire really stand out, and allowing depth into the background of the pieces that I create. I also love using yellow gold or rose gold when making some of the design elements for the pieces that I create, as it adds contrast and works so well emerging from a silver base. Soft curves can really accentuate and compliment different shapes of gemstones in the jewellery. Gemstones are a beautiful and unique way to add pops of colour that really catch the eye, as well as uniting the jewellery piece together.

Wire and bobble detail, along with different textures, compliments the gemstones without overriding it. The detail can be made a subtle - making it all in the one metal, allowing the detail to stand out but not be too noticeable, or as bold - making two-tone pieces which makes the detail the main feature of unique creations that make the purchaser smile and feel good is the desired effect that I aim for".


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