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Lynn Jarvis - Emerging Jeweller

Meet our latest Emerging Jeweller... Lynn Jarvis!

Lynn’s display in FIND is a fascinating display, exhibiting some of her tools of the trade, and of course her incredible creations.

"Creating Art has always been my passion. I have led a wandering and creative path. Canada was my beginning and backpacking drew me to Tasmania. In the move I found a few silversmithing tools from my mother (displayed). What a surprise! She is long gone but it motivated me to have a go. I have not had any formal training even though I’m a second-generation metal artist.

Nature, it sustains me. I have embraced this gorgeous state Tasmania. My background as an environmental teacher means that I feel compelled to educate even through metal. Recently my body of work has centred upon unique Tasmanian and Australian species. I up-cycle copper E-waste and use recycled silver whenever possible. Less mining. My intent is to create high quality wearable art that showcases our diverse natural heritage."


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