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Tanja von Behrens - Jeweller Profile

Tanja von Behrens - Jeweller Profile

Born and raised in Canberra, Tanja spent her childhood exploring the natural world. From a very creative family, an appreciation of the arts was also nurtured. Tanja’s connection to the craft of Jewellery making began while completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree at The University of Sydney. Stumbling on a free community evening course, she enjoyed the ability to visualise an idea and create a tangible outcome. Immersion in the creative process provided relief from the intellectual demands of study, and the hobby was pursued throughout her degree.

After graduation and travel - including time spent working as a Tour Guide in Central and Northern Australia - Tanja completed a Diploma in Art, Craft & Design (Jewellery Making) at the Tasmanian Polytechnic (now TasTAFE) in 2011.

Since 2012 Tanja has shared a studio space at Salamanca Arts Centre (SAC) and been a member of FIND. The support of the creative community and the valued customers who have chosen to purchase her work has been pivotal in the continuation of her practice. Creating something from nothing is innately rewarding - but to have someone else choose to include a handmade piece in their daily lives has immeasurable value to the maker.

Balancing creativity with work in tourism and outdoor retail, Tanja’s practice has evolved over time - exploring various materials, techniques and styles for group exhibitions, markets, retail outlets, galleries, and bespoke commissions. Inspiration ranges from the textures and shapes found in nature to simple geometric lines, vivid colour and even geographic forms and roadways.

Tanja values sustainability and timeless design, using recycled metals wherever possible and designing to minimize waste. Growing up with a strong understanding of the impact of individual choices on the environment, she believes we all have a role to play in helping to protect it by choosing to invest in items we will continue to wear and care for in years to come.

Sharing a studio away from home posed limitations during COVID, and skills that were once second nature have had to be re-developed due to lack of time and practice. At times this has been incredibly challenging - but time spent dog walking, working and hiking provides much-needed respite and inspiration, and has led to the creation of new work inspired by Tasmania’s beautiful wild and suburban places.


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