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The Secret Lives of Jewellers

FIND is made up of a wonderful bunch of diverse, adventurous, nature-loving ladies with so many amazing skills. Get to know 3 of our wonderful FIND members, who lead pretty exciting lives.


Anna’s jewellery

Anna’s practice is influenced by city life and small-town coastal living on Bruny Island. Reflecting her ever-changing scenery, Anna’s jewellery is diverse and surprising, drawing inspiration from natural forms as well as minimal and abstract designs.

Anna’s secret life

Anna has spent many years working in the public and private sector and is now able to spend as much time as she likes making jewellery and exploring other creative fields. A brand new grandmother, Anna loves spending time with her family, which includes an “exceptionally pretty” dog Ollie. Anna’s happy place is on Bruny Island and it’s a place where she can just be: caring for the land, being amongst the unique flora and fauna and listening to birdsong and the soft thud of jumping creatures.

Anna is a landcarer, an amazing home renovator and an avid reader with a reasonable grasp on international politics, as well as classic and contemporary (preferably Australian) fiction. She says she isn’t very fit, but with yoga, fitball and pilates classes, we’d beg to differ.


Paige’s jewellery

Paige works primarily in sterling silver and you may recognise her toy soldier protectors and her distinct aesthetic of wabi-sabi meets geometry, which feels strong yet unashamedly gentle and unique.

Paige’s secret life

Paige studies Graphic Design full time at Foundry, works one day a week for another jeweller and still finds time to make her own beautiful jewellery for FIND. Paige loves design of all kinds and she also loves to travel. With travel comes learning new languages and Paige’s secret skill is that she can speak Japanese! Like Anna, Paige has a love of Bruny Island and goes there any chance she can with family.


Karin’s jewellery

A true artist, Karin’s work exposes the contradictions between society and the environment by combining aspects of science, art, language and her own creative flair. She plays with materiality, negative space and the perception of scale, bringing elements of the natural world and the science lab outside of their usual realms. By highlighting the beauty in unexpected things, Karin brings social relevance to environmental change, encouraging personal reflection and a new appreciation of the subject.

Karin’s secret life

Karin Beaumont previously worked with the Australian Antarctic Division and with the University of Tasmania, but now works as a tour guide when she isn’t creating jewellery. She loves family, friends and food, especially growing and eating sustainable and native bush-foods. She’s a really good cook and loves to experiment with artistically presented food and fermented foods.

Karin is passionate about taking action against climate change and conserving our wild places, especially in Tasmania. Her favourite outdoor activities include camping, bushwalking, gardening, snorkelling and kayaking.



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